Aegeas Pouch paragetai-stin-ellada

The Pouch is an innovative packaging, which is successfully used in abroad ( America, Europe ) the last few years.

The structure of the material and the technical features extend the shelf life of liquid products, while its innovative design makes it one of the most user-friendly packaging.

Finally, the ability of high quality printing (HD Flexo) further enhances the image of the product and gives a premium presentation of it.

Aegeas Pouch can be used for any non-carbonated drink such as oiljuicewineteacocktailsaucesdairy etc.

Features of Packaging

Τhe lamination process ensures the best protection of the product

  • Capacity:
    From 0,75 L to 5.0 L

  • Ability of constructing with single or double gusset

    Available in high and low profile tap

  • Ways of order:
    Tailor-made pouches with full printed options to match your brand

    Plain Pouch – Black matte – White matte – Craft

    Fully Transparent or with transparent parts

  • The structure of the film is adjusted to the requirements of the content in order to ensure its quality

Aegeas Pouch

  • It offers better protection than any other packaging due to the multilayer laminated film from which it is made and, combined with the specially design tap, has excellent oxygen barrier properties. As a result, it preserves the taste of the product even after opening.
  • High UV Protection
  • Due to the structure of the multilayer film, this packaging is suitable for hot filling.
  • Increase sales due to the premium presentation of product
  • Due to its negligible mass and its light weight (40gr.), it is transported and stored easily when it is empty. This makes it a practical and economical packaging for both the producer and the consumer.
  • Quick cooling of the content
  • As it empties, its volume is reduced.

Sustainable Packaging

Economy pack

Filling Method

The Pouch is filled easily by the same machine that fills the bag in box packaging. There are many options in filling machine from manual to full automatic depending on the producer’s needs.

Palletizing and transportation of filled pouches

The safest way to transport the Pouch is in horizontal position by using specific carton boxes.