Flexo Prepress

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Department of separation and design

Staffed by highly experienced graphic designers who are capable of achieving the best possible elaboration of the most demanding  job, in order to maximize the ability of printing units.

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Digital proofs/ Dotproof

A digital proof is a color, prepress proofing method that uses a digital file to produce an approximate sample of the material to be printed. By viewing this sample, or proof, customers are able to see how the document’s colors, text and graphics will look when completed, as colors often look different on each computer monitor. For more accurate color representation, a high-resolution proof is generated for ultimate viewing.

Digital proofs are supplied to customers as a final opportunity to review newsletters, business cards and more before the final print stage. At this point, the customer carefully views each proof and decides if he or she wishes to make any changes. If changes are requested, another proof is generated. This process continues until the project is approved, where it is then placed on the next available machine for completion

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Flexo Prepress Aegeas Flexo

Digital flexo plates (HD flexo)

Our company is equipped with the new technology manufacturing digital  flexoplate of high definition (HD Flexo) and with the great expertise of staff in flexo printing, offers prepress materials of  high quality which are used for printing labels and flexible packaging materials.

This kind of technology has the following advantages:

  • Smoother and higher definition images with extended
  • tonal range
  • Wider range of colours and higher brightness
  • Best printing quality with the existing printing equipment